Is Digital marketing worth the Investment ?

7 Key things to consider before pursuing Digital Marketing –

Few months ago I shared my campaign details which I had done for a training program with my friend. He was astonished to see that I was able to create 75000+ impressions over Google Display Network(GDN) within couple of hours and get 100s of clicks in flat 1 hour. So far, my friend was just leveraging on leads

from local yellow pages. Being over excited  about the scope of digital marketing, he over leveraged the investment on Digital marketing. He was over confident about the return on investment on Digital platform. Unlike in offline marketing, you have forecast available on GSN & GDN. This data was a reinforcement for his over confidence.

Unfortunately his GDN & GSN campaign didn’t bear fruit as expected. The failure was not because of Digital platform not being a right platform, rather the way you leverage the scope of digital marketing matters a lot. The major fault with GSN campaign was with keyword intent. If you don’t capture the intention with a certain search query, majority of the leads so generated would be invalid. While in yellow pages, the leads you generate are at the bottom of the funnel. Unfortunate coincidence was that the second experiment with GDN was also a disaster because while campaigning on GDN/facebook, remarketing strategies are important as the impressions so created are for the audience who are at top most stage of the funnel. The major fault with GDN campaign was that there was no proper follow up strategy in place before starting the GDN campaign. 

Even though GDN, GSN, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and etc., are great platforms to drive quality leads, there are certain guidelines that has to be followed.

Guidelines –

  1. Digital marketing offers platform for both Active and Passive marketing. Have clear objective about your approach. If you want to tap existing market, Explore Google search Network. If you are wanting to create market for your product or service, explore either Google display network or  Facebook.
  2.  Spread your budget over a long duration till you get your campaigns right
  3. Keyword intent and match type are the important considerations. Quality of leads are totally dependent on that.
  4. Location settings are critical and mostly done the wrong way. Ensure that location targeting is set to target people who are interested in certain location rather than people who are living in certain location. Again it depends business to business. In most service based business interest in targeting audience interested in certain location works rather than targeting  people living in certain location.  
  5. Irrespective  of the wisdom we carry, there are no alternatives for learning through experiments. Always split test your campaigns to know what works best.
  6. Landing pages has to be clutter free with as little links as possible, else website traffic will not get converted into leads.
  7. Meta description has to have

clearly defined takeaways
Takeaway are defined in figures


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