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Digital Marketing for all types of businesses

Any company or organization backbone would be sales and marketing. No company can have sales & marketing as secondary priority. When Sales & Marketing is such a critical organ of any organ of any company, why not chose better platform for the same.

Still not able to find one good reason why any company does not want to explore digital marketing option. Digital Marketing viz a viz Traditional marketing offers many benefits as listed below.

Digital marketing

  1. offers platform for both Active & Passive marketing approaches

  2. offers well defined metrics to measure the volume of interactions, engagement & behavioral attributes.

  3. provision to target audience based on Demography, Geography, Interests or online behaviour, level of engagement and re-targeting, which makes Passive audience, significantly active, thereby increasing ROI manifold.

  4. Provision to target users who visited your website and performed certain activities, where you can tail the visitor till the time of purchase thus influencing in creating a positive bias towards your brand and also capturing mind space. After all sales is about creating more coincidence. Being there in front of the customer at the time of purchase is critical. Digital marketing is the option to explore to create more such coincidences.

  5. Least initiation cost, with just Rs. 1000/- you can kickstart a decent campaign online.

  6. Offers greater flexibility in scheduling  the promotions, editing the Ads and experimenting with various paremeters.

Would like to know one reason why Digital marketing cannot be a prudent option for any organization.

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