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Digital Marketing is the future – A fact or an Exaggeration?

If you are a part of an enterprises who still pursue traditional marketing approaches, and use platforms like Television channels or News Papers then I have few questions for you.

  1. Can you ask a News paper edition to show case your ad only to a specific set of audience who are likely to buy or source your product/services.
  2. Is there any metrics available to measure the impressions or extent of interests shown for your ad.
  3. Any provision to re target audience who have shown or engaged with your ad.

The answer for the above will be absolutely NO!

In case you are soliciting enquiries form Yellow pages, then all the leads you have collected will be shared with many of your competitors.

Over and above this, you don’t have provision passive and marketing channels.

But, pursuing digital marketing you have an amazing opportunity to target audience by virtue of which you have passive audience group which is significantly active. You have clearly defined metrics to count the number of impressions, clicks, level of engagement, conversions and many more metrics. What makes us more excited is the fact that you can tail users who have visited your website or taken any action on your website and so on. To add to this, whatever the active leads you collected with search engine is not stacked against your competitors unlike in traditional active platforms.

So, would you convince me now, why any company like yours will not pursue Digital Marketing!

No doubt challenges do exists, but the opportunities that could be explored are enormous.


SEO For small Enterprises

Over the last year I have met at-least dozen client who had a wrong start to their Digital Marketing Initiative. Most of such initiatives have been motivated by the blogs or articles they go through online.

Who will not like to grow their leads when there are such a huge amount of searches happening on Search Engines. All of them or at-least most of these potential client  are under the false pretext that some ON PAGE optimization will do the trick and they get listed on the search engines and start generating leads. That too for free without paying a damn rupee to Google or Yahoo.

Most of such initiatives are failures for the simple reason that for almost every business, there are hundreds of competitors who are competing with them to be listed on the search engine and have started SEO started long time back. They moving up the ranks, even the competitors would have moved up the ranks. It requires extra ordinary effort on the part of the SEO specialist to beat them to be listed on first page of the Search Engine Result page.

SEO work only for companies who like to play online for long without expecting immediate results.