Three reasons why MBA candidates cannot ignore Digital Marketing!

In my training sessions, I witnessed some participants excited about potential of Digital Marketing. When I checked their background, mostly they were professionals with more than 15 years of experience in sales. Till then they were pursuing traditional ways of marketing for tapping business opportunities.

In first place, these professionals never had an opportunity to tap active customers for their Businesses. Only source of active customers was yellow pages which was swarmed by Big players. Conversion ratio in passive marketing was not more than 0.3 % provided your follow up process is above par.

Secondly, there were no absolute metrics available in traditional marketing to measure the impact of your campaigns.

Third, You cannot refine your campaigns to follow up with the audience who have shown interest in your products or services.

During my training session, when I introduced them to few tools like Google Analytics, they were not able to believe they eyes and ears for the volume of data that are made available by Google for you.

With Digital marketing you can pursue active and passive marketing approaches. You have clearly defined metrics like website visitors, behavior of the visitors, bounce rates, level of interest of the visitor and many many more such data. Most importantly, you can follow up with website visitors who have shown interest and have taken any specific action. Last but not the least, you can integrate multiple digital marketing platforms to effectively and efficiently campaign.

Would invite interested participants to debate on the percentage saving possible through digital marketing campared to traditional marketing


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